Our Success Stories

Over the years RSL Management Services have achieved results for a number of clients. Here are just a few case studies.

Simone Williams

The Simone Williams label is a successful fashion business based in the heart of London. RSL Management Services has been able to boost the media profile of this business utilising successful PR campaigns, Online and Offline marketing processes and clear business strategy.


A “Socially Creative” graphic design company, RSL was contracted as a business development consultant providing marketing, sales and PR services. With RSL Management Services help, Ochee achieved increased sales and media exposure.

Caribbean Savouries Ltd

A successful caribbean foods distribution company, currently supplying ASDA stores’s across the UK with frozen caribbean patties. RSL Management Services provided PR and marketing support; raising media awareness of the brand.

You’re Beautiful, Woman!

An annual event celebrating female beauty; inside and out. RSL Management Services has been part of the management committee for this successful annual event based in London – undertaking marketing, sponsorship, PR, Event co-ordination & planning services.


A multi-ethnic plasters company, currently on the official NHS procurement list. RSL Management Services provides PR, brand development and marketing services to the company raising awareness of its core vision and purpose in the market place.

Forever Little

A children’s portrait service based in London – RSL was assigned to undertake profile boosting campaigns, online media campaigns and PR for this growing small business.

Rhoda Wilson

A prominent television presenter, producer and documentary maker; RSL Management Services provides PR and marketing services as well as fan relationship management.


A luxury jewellery company based in London; RSL management Services provided marketing and online PR support to Nakai; researching avenues for growth and potential buyers in the market place as well as raising brand awareness.

Charles Carter Hair

This South West London based luxury hair salon assigned RSL to undertake online marketing campaigns and press campaigns for print media.

Anja Stehlik

A Croatian based Fashion label; utilised RSL’s services to attain greater media exposure in the UK as well as establish concession deals in London based boutiques. RSL was able use online marketing techniques to enhance Anja Stehlik’s brand position in the fashion industry.

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